Hot! Welcome to the world

We’d like to officially introduce you to the new addition to our family

Ruby Lee

Born Sunday, 4 November 2012 at 7.54pm, weighing in at 4.315 kg (9 lbs 5 oz) and measuring 52.5 cm (20.6 inches) long.

Yes, the birth finally happened after going 9 days overdue and then a long day of trying to deliver naturally (albeit with drugs!). This is no ordinary birth announcement. We’ve shared our renovation journey and the experiences of our pregnancy so why not share the birth with you all!

We arrived at the hospital at 6am for our induction booking. Once we were settled in, the midwife took a look downstairs and discovered I was already dialated so instead of inducing with gel, they hooked me up to a drip that would encourage contractions. Things moved like a freight train from there and before I know it I was in the most unbelievable pain I have ever experienced. Throughout my pregnancy I have been asking people what contractions feel like and the response I get is that you really can’t explain what it’s like. I used to think maybe there was some secret birthing code that is instilled in the hospital so us folks that haven’t had a baby yet never find out until it actually happens. But the fact of the matter is that it really is an undiscribleable experience. But you know me, I like to give it a go (although I still don’t think I could possibly come close to doing it justice).

I was sitting on a fit ball in hospital gowns with a bean bag on the bed that I was stuffing my head into every time a contraction hit. It was like these waves that come over you and you can feel them coming. Clint was behind me, rubbing my back and supporting me with each contraction. When it hits at it’s peak, it was like my stomach was convusling. The pain was shooting from everywhere especially my back. I clenched my fists, curled my toes and said the F word a couple of times I think. The midwife was encouraging me to breath oxygen though this mouth piece but honestly that was the last thing I had the inclination to do. When I wasn’t having contractions, the midwife said I should rock back and forth and side to side on the ball. All I wanted was 5 minutes to recoup after the last contraction, I didnt have the energy for anything else. I asked when the epidural would be available and the midwife responded that she really wanted me to keep at this for another 30 minutes to an hour. I must have thrown her an evil glance or something as the next thing I know, the anethesist is there giving me an epidural in my back which was quiet comforting compared to the pain of the contractions.

I then laid on the bed pain free and it felt like heaven! I was fully dialated and ready to push. It’s hard to push when you can’t feel anything from the hip down…you really have no idea what to push! The midwife said it is all in the bottom, pretend you are pushing out a poop…I thought to myself “oh boy, I hope I dont follow through on that!”. So with Clint on one side and the midwife on the other, I gave it a go. After much pushing, trying different positions, the doctor said that bub’s head was just not coming past the pelvic bone. So we waited a little longer to see if she would progress down further. We attempted pushing again to no avail. The doctor then said the one thing I had feared the most. That there was an 80% chance she could get the baby out with suctioning but after that our recommendation was csaerean. The last thing I wanted to do after labouring all day was to now go through a csearean. But the baby needed to come out. So they prepped me for theatre.

Unforunately our midwife, who had started her shift when we arrived, was now finishing her shift. She really tried hard to deliver the baby before that so she could be part of it so it was a shame that after all her hardwork, she didn’t get to meet our beautiful little Ruby.

So into theatre we go and I swear there was 20 people in the room. They were an unbelievable team and we felt fully supported by them. The doctor gave the suctioning a go with the help of me pushing but still the baby wasn’t moving. So it was onto the csearean we moved. It wasn’t long before we heard a cry (boy did she have a good set of lungs!). They held her up over the screen for us to look at and the first thing that came to my mind was wow, this is so sureal, did I actually just have a baby.

They were saying she was a big baby, possibly a 10 pounder by the size of her. I couldn’t believe that I had given birth to such a big girl! Clint was as proud as punch and taking a zillion pics, even while nursing her as I was being put back together again (and talking to mum on the mobile!).

We’re home from the hospital and settling down to life as we will now know it. Ruby is such a sweet girl and we love her to bits. Here’s a sampling of the pics we have of her.

Arriving home from hospital:

Daddy cuddles:

Proud big sister Mackenzee with Ruby:

This is my favourite pic of her:

We will share more of our journey as we experience it. We hope you will follow along.

Have fun!


  1. Welcome to the world, Ruby! So cute! She has really kissable chubby little cheeks.

  2. Congratulations to you Michelle and Clint on the safe arrival of baby Ruby and another reason to smile each day. Thank you for sharing your birth story. Can’t wait to read all about her as she grows.

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