Hot! Update from ODD


Yes, ODD is the nickname I gave our blog…although I hope the nickname isn’t a reflection of the type of people we are!

It’s hard to believe that March is already here – where is this year going? Anyone else feel like the year is just flying by? Life is just so fast for us these days, maybe because Ruby is in our life but we just seem to be busy all the time with a zillion things going on. To make matters worse, I’ve been out of PC action for almost a week in late February which has backlogged my work but it is fixed now and I am back…with avengence!

Clint has been busy with his business and exploring new opportunities in refurbing properties for clients. It’s really an extension of what we have been doing on our house and now offering other peeps the opportunity to have a home makeover without having to do the labour themselves. Plus they get to leverage the great deals we are able to get from our suppliers.

Speaking of suppliers, I am very excited to launch my new business this week. It’s also in the renovation space. I won’t say too much more about it in this post as I want to devote a whole post to sharing it with you later this week.

Because we have been so busy, I am behind in posting about this season’s room reveals on The Block. Do not fear, I am opinionated as always (not that it matters to anyone!) and will be posting my thoughts very soon. Watch this space!

Have fun!


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