Hot! Finishing bits and bobs

It’s about time we had a renovation update to keep you in the loop of what has been going on.

Clint had some time off over the holiday season. The year before year he worked all the way through, with maybe an afternoon or morning off here and there. But last year he decided to finish up on Christmas Eve and spend some time with the family.  It’s been great just to hang out, especially now that Ruby is tagging along with us. We spent some time at the beach with Clint appeasing his love of kitesurfing. Ruby even had her first swim. Here she is looking very cool in her swimmers and sunglasses she got for Christmas (and no we didn’t pose that finger, it’s self made by Ruby!):

 2012 12 30 First Time At Beach

Of course Clint likes to keep himself busy and productive so he has been finishing off all the bits and bobs around the house that he keeps looking at. For instance, we had a bit of the stairs that was irking him every time he walked up and down them so he finally managed to sort that out. He’s also been taking a lot of pride in his front garden. I often see him out there just looking at it with a smile.

We’ve also managed to spend a good few hours in the garage sorting through everything and being very ruthless. We’d bought a bunch of plastic tubs from the hardware store and sorted what we wanted to keep into those and then I attacked them with the labelling machine…yes, it’s the Virgo coming out in me!

There’s so much still to be done so stay tuned folks as this year we are going to get busy again! 

Have fun!


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