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I was recently checking out our annual stats for our little blog. We’ve been going for nearly two years now – time flies when you are having fun right? In the last year we’ve added 104 new posts so that is 215 posts in total…wow, where did I find the time?

I have to admit, I love blogging. I’ve always enjoyed creative writing so this blog gives me that creative outlet, a place to express myself. My aim last year was to post several times a week and some weeks I did manage to achieve that. This year I want to continue to aim for that goal again. Obviously we haven’t got enough renovations going on to post about that several times a week so I have been thinking about other ideas to write about. I have to say that our weekly pregnacy updates went down a treat so we would love to continue to update you on Ruby growing up. Plus I have a few other ideas in mind…watch this space!

We really appreciate all you readers out there. We especially love to get your comments…it let’s us know that there are actually people reading this so feel free to comment as much as you like. We would love to bring our blog to more peeps so I am always looking for ways to promote the blog. Kidspot are currently calling for nominations for their Voice of 2013 where you can nominate your favourite blog. If you like us and have enjoyed reading along then please support our little blog and nominate us here.

Have fun!


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