Hot! Decked Out


We’ve had that pile of spotted gum decking timber we bought at auction sitting across our front steps since May last year. Everytime someone comes down the front steps they have to shimmy around it or jump over it. When I park the car in the driveway, I have to make sure I am down far enough otherwise I can’t get Ruby out of the car. But at $2.50 per lineal metre we saved a bucket of money so it was well worth having to step over it for that long.

A few weekends ago,¬†Clint and I were talking about the portico he wants to build at the front of the house as well as using some of the decking timber to line the steps and create a nicer (and safer!) path down to our house. I said to him, “why not just open up the packages and see what you have there so you can use that”. So he spent several hours going through the timber, sorting it into lengths and basically getting it gone from our front door.

2013 02 03 Front deck and steps being built (3)

Then last weekend he decided to build the first part of the portico – a decking that is really a bridge going from the stairs leading down to our house across to our front door. He then lined the stairs with the same timber. This is how it turned out:



As you can see, it turned out looking very nice indeed…don’t you just love the colour? And check out that garden that is flourishing there in the background. Definately a far cry from the grassy mound we had when we bought the house. We’ve got plans for a meandering path down to the neighbouring fence with lots of tropical garden. That will really finish that front section off and make it a nice welcoming oasis.

Have fun!


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