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Towards the end of last year I decided to test the waters and do a little PR for our blog in order to up our readership and bring our journey to some new folks out there. I’ve so far stumbled across some great opportunities.

I’ve always been curious about guest blogging so when I had the opportunity to be a guest blogger over at, I jumped at the chance. There’s some great information over there plus if you are looking for a babysitter or wanting to work as one, it’s the site for you. Check out my first post here and look out for the next one coming very soon.

I was very fortunate to be interviewed late last year by Cosmo Pregnancy for their Autumn 2013 edition.  They were very keen to feature an older mum and my easy pregnancy and high energy throughout really appealed to them. How cool to be in a magazine that is read by over 55,000 peeps!  Get your copy on 4th February and look for the pics of Ruby and I.

As always, I will be looking for more opportunities this year and will share them with you as we grow and expand our wings.

Have fun!


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